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Watch out for WannaCry Ransomware

In the past 5 days there have been over 185,000 Ransomware attacks recorded in over 100 countries. The culprit? A nasty Ransomware strain called "WannaCry." "WannaCry" infects your computer through a Microsoft Windows exploit called "EternalBlue." Once your machine is infected, the ransomware encrypts your files and demands payment in the form of Bitcoin. If you do not pay within a few hours, the ransom goes up and ultimately your data may be wiped.

While the ransomware isn't much different than traditional attacks in the sense that it "holds your files ransom," what is unique about "WannaCry" is that it takes advantage of a leaked Windows exploit. The "EternalBlue" exploit is one that was released (among other NSA tools) by hackers last month and was actually patched by Microsoft in March.

We recommend that you update your Windows Operating System immediately if you have not done so. Or, visit the Microsoft support site which you can use to set up automatic Windows Updates. We also recommend that you have a solid anti-malware, anti-ransomware solution in place for protection. SecureIT Plus, (included in all Tech Home packages), maximizes protection for your PC. Contact us for details on Tech Home and at (563) 852-3710.


Here is the current still picture taken from our KCRG-TV9 camera that we sponsor!