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Now that Fiber is to your home…….

Sign up for Services and receive standard installation and 1st month of CCtv or Internet service FREE!*

* Limited time offer where Cascade Communications fiber has been constructed. Excludes surcharges, taxes, fees, equipment and/or installation charges not covered under standard installation (see description below).  If subscribing to CCtv where available, first month free is limited to up to 3 set-top boxes.  

Standard installation for Internet requires 6-month agreement and covers up to 1-hour labor & 75 feet of Cat5e wire and 1 Cat5e jumper (jack to router/computer).  Additional fees may apply for materials and labor not included with the standard install.  

Standard installation for CCtv requires 18-month or 24-month agreement and covers installation of CCtv for up to 5 set-top boxes within the same living unit.  Installation for each of the up to 5 set-top boxes will include the installation of up to 75 feet of Cat5e wire, 1 Cat5e jumper (jack to set-top box), and 1-hour labor.  The free installation also includes the labor to install 1 Ethernet switch with Cat5e jumper.  Additional fees may apply for materials and labor not included or where in our reasonable judgement a standard install is not possible.