Fiber Expansion

In 2006, we started construction on our fiber optic network and by the end of 2010 we had fiber connections available to 1000 homes and businesses in and near Cascade. In 2017, we made fiber connections to the remaining locations in our exchange. Now everyone in our exchange will be serviced by our Fiber Optic Network. 

What Fiber means for you:

You will receive the most advanced technology, capable of providing crystal clear connections, outstanding video quality and maximum Internet speeds to meet your needs for many years to come!

Keeping You Connected and Competitive
Broadband Internet service has become a necessity in life. Our fiber network will position you and your children for the future. It will provide the opportunity for you to stay connected and be competitive in this global economy.

Broadband Internet
With FTTP, we have the ability to offer much faster broadband speeds than what is currently available on our copper cables. Active Ethernet over FTTP is the only technology with enough bandwidth to reliably and cost effectively handle projected consumer demands over the next decade.

Video Services
Our digital video CCtv services* will be available to customers over the FTTP network. CCtv offers a variety of programming options including, High Definition (HD) channels, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), movieplexes like HBO & Showtime, as well as digital music channels and more.

Supported by our Team of Local Professionals
The FTTP network and services we provide to you are all supported by our team of local professionals. People you have come to know and trust to respond promptly and professionally to all your installation and maintenance needs.

If you’re intereseted in hooking up Fiber at your residence or business, please give our office a call at 563-852-3710!

*CCtv services available in Dubuque and Jones county.