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We are INCREASING Internet SPEEDS & DECREASING Internet PRICES so this summer you can enjoy MORE! MORE streaming, MORE staying connected & MORE time with unlimited Zoom Internet!

Zoom Standard Internet speed will increase from 10Mbps to 50Mbps* and you’ll save $2.00 per month!**

Our Boosted Bundles Internet speed will increase from 25Mbps to 75Mbps*!

*Speeds listed are on our Fiber-to-the-home network. Call for DSL speed changes. **Residential customers only.


Our latest project will deliver fiber-optic technology to rural areas

Cascade Communications will soon begin a new construction project to extend its fiber-to-the-premise network to rural areas of Dubuque, Jackson and Jones Counties. Fiber-optic technology is the latest and best way to deliver telecommunication services. The fiber network will provide faster Internet service and video options to Cascade Communications’ customers in these areas.

Read the press release for complete details

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Rural Call Completion Resources

You have read or heard us talk about how some long distance carriers are not completing calls to some locations in rural areas in order to save money. But, they are putting us all at risk. You can read this article or watch this video to learn more about this topic and what you can do about it. 



Benefits to Landline Telephone Service  

9-1-1 Emergency - Help will find you faster with a Landline Phone. With a call to 9-1-1 from a landline phone an emergency dispatch center will automatically receive your exact location- saving time and lives! If you have kids or elderly in your home, is it really worth the risk to go without a landline phone?

Secure Service - Never use your wireless phone to give out personally identifiable information. Did you know some wireless phones use radio frequencies that can easily be intercepted?

Telephone Book Listing - Without a landline phone your number will not be listed in area telephone books and many online directories.

Quality - Landline phone service offers you the highest quality service. No static and no dropped calls!

Power Outages - Corded landline phone service will work during power outages. Cellular and Wireless systems are not required to provide backup power, so cell phones may not operate during a power outage.

Saving Rural Broadband 

Please watch the WHO news story from September 2012 below to learn more about this FCC policy and how it is affecting you.